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ACAG 4e en Ontario au testing OQRE

Brockville’s Académie catholique Ange-Gabriel is one of the top high schools in Ontario, according to the Fraser Institute’s annual report card on the province’s secondary schools.

The small French-language school tied for fourth place among the 747 high schools ranked by the think tank.

With a score of 9.1 out of a possible 10, Ange-Gabriel is fractions of a point behind the highest-ranked school in Ontario, St. Michael’s Choir in Toronto, with a score of 9.4.

Lyna Labelle, a teacher at Ange-Gabriel, attributed the school’s success to its no-child-left-behind approach.

“All our teachers are dedicated to ensure that every student does succeed,” Labelle said. “Our teachers go the extra mile to provide extra support to every student who needs it.”

Labelle said the school also is constantly upgrading its teaching procedures to ensure it is using the most modern techniques available.

The school is helped in the ratings by the fact it has a very low teacher/student ratio. Labelle said Ange-Gabriel has only about 65 students in Grades 9 through 12.

The school also puts an emphasis on teaching math, Labelle said, and the results reflect that effort.

Ange Gabriel offers academic, or pre-university, math, and applied, or pre-college math, as other schools do, Labelle said. But all Grade 9 students are strongly  encouraged to take academic regardless of their profile, and get support.

Despite the fact the school insists all its students take the higher level of math, the school excelled in math scores with a 9.1 rating.

Brockville’s three other high schools are more middle-of-the-pack among the province’s other secondary schools. All three have dipped slightly from their averages in recently years.

The runner-up in Brockville is St. Mary Catholic High, which is ranked 196th among the 746 Ontario schools with a rating of 7.1. St. Mary’s rating is down from the 7.5 it scored in recent years.

Brockville Collegiate Institute scored a 6.6 rating to rank it 292nd, down only slightly from the previous 6.7. 

Finally in Brockville, Thousand Islands Secondary School scored a 5.0 ranking to place it 560th among Ontario high schools. The ranking represents a drop from its previous 5.5 rating.

Elsewhere in Leeds and Grenville, the schools in the Kemptville area did better than those in the south.

St. Michael Catholic High scored an 8.9 rating, enough to rate it 11th best in Ontario. St. Michael managed to increase its rating from the 8.6 it received in past years.

North Grenville High in Kemptville scored 6.6, down from the 7.2 it received last year, also placing it 292nd in Ontario, the same rank as BCI.

Athens District High School scored 4.3, which is on the low side but substantially better than the 2.5 it received in previous ratings when it was rated as one of the 20 lowest-rated schools in Ontario. Its 4.3 moves it into 644th place.

The three Leeds and Grenville high schools in riverside communities all scored in the low to middle range. South Grenville District High in Prescott scored 4.2 to rank it 654th, Seaway High in Iroquois claimed 5.4 points, and Gananoque Secondary came in at 4.6. All of the riverside schools increased their rating over previous averages.

Provincewide, the Fraser Institute found some good news in the 2016-17 results.

Despite concerns about low math scores in provincewide testing, the institute found that some high schools are bucking that trend.

This year’s report card found that 37 high schools have shown statistically significant improvement over the last four years in Grade 9 academic math and 47 schools have improved in applied math. 

“If struggling schools want to improve math results, they can find out what works for improving schools and, wherever possible, adopt these proven methods,” Peter Cowley, director of school performance studies at the Fraser Institute, said in a statement.

The improving schools are located across Ontario, in both urban and rural areas, and they serve different types of communities and students, he said.

As well, schools serving large numbers of special needs students have also shown statistically significant improvement in math.

“These schools are proof that no one city and no one type of student or socioeconomic situation has a monopoly on improvement – it’s possible for every school to improve, whether in math or any other area of the curriculum,” Cowley said.

(An earlier version of this story inaccurately stated that Académie catholique Ange-Gabriel does not teach applied math.)


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