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Centre de ressources

Resource Centre

Parent's Resource Centre

Académie catholique Ange-Gabriel

Available Resources:

The school's Parent's Resource Centre offers roughly one hundred books, CD-ROMs and audio-sets. In our Parent's Collection, you will find useful guides on child development, parental intervention, attention and learning disabilities, school life, giftedness, anxiety, bullying, and many more interesting topics. Some of our resources are written in English. The Centre also offers vocabulary and grammar tools, as well as audio-sets and CD-ROMs to help you improve your skills in French.



To see the complete listing of available resources, you may refer to the school's Internet site, under "Centre des ressources pour les parents", which will also have an English link. You may also visit the school library and either directly leaf through the books on the shelf or consult our catalogue (hard and electronic copies will be available).


Borrowing a resource:

The school librarian is available every Tuesday (8h-2h30) and Friday (8h-1h15), during school hours. You may also complete a loan form, indicating which resources you would like to borrow. These will be sent to you via your child's school bag within the next week. If you prefer, you may choose to visit the school office and pick-up your resources in person. Loan forms are available in hard copies at the school library as well as electronically on the school web site.


Loan Limit and Period:

Each parent may borrow up to two resources from the Parent's Collection for a period of two weeks (14 days).

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